ian fournier.

Ian has always had an interest in cars, specifically rear wheel drive. He picked up his first drift car, an AE86, in 2006 and started sliding around corners for fun, and realized that this could actually be something that could be developed into a skill. He then started to look for others who felt the same way.

He met Trent and Scott from Drift Safari, and it was a team of friends that came together to share a common passion for the sport, while promoting the advancing of the driving skills of the team. Shortly after starting to find a place for himself, Ian’s car was stolen, he was forced to reconsider everything. Ian found a cheap 240sx to use as a basic drift car, he then contemplated which car would be right for his new race car. A friend bought an R32 Skyline in 2004 from The Skyline Shop and he remembered being so jealous.

Ian looked at the R32 Skyline a couple of times and became hooked, this was the going to be the car for him. Ian purchased the R32 4-door Skyline he currently drives, with some help by sponorship from The Skyline Shop. This is when drifting competitively started to fall into place for Ian.

After driving all the drift events at CellBlock D, he started going into the United States for events, Evergreen Speedway, and Portland International Speedway were just some of the venues he attended drift events at. Since then Ian has pushed himself hard to be competitive, and it has paid off. In 2009, Ian finished the Seattle Formula D ProAm in 3rd place, and went on to earn 1st place at the Formula D ProAm Nationals at Irwindale Speedway in California, earning his professional drifting license. Look for Ian at the Formula D 2010 events.

Power House


1992 Skyline R32 4 Door Sedan

Painted GTR Custom Purplish

GTR Front End Conversion

Origin Stylish Line Sides and Rear bodykit

Custom Rear Widebody

Suspension & Wheels: 

Stance Coilovers F/R 12kg/10kg

Cusco Rear Adjustable Uppers

Nismo -3.5° Front Uppers

KP-Race Steering Knuckles

Front Work O2C 18x9.5 -5 w/225/40 Toyo R1R Tires

Rear Work ASX 18x10 -9 Silver w/245/40 Toyo R1R Tires


Nissan VK56 V8

350z Transmission

ACT 6 Puck Clutch

Koyo R32 Radiator

Flex-a-lite Electric Fan x2

Cusco 2way LSD

Custom 1pc Driveshaft

Bosch 044 Fuel Pump

Custom Exhaust



Safety & Driver: 

FORTRESS FD Spec Rollcage

OMP TRS Bucket seats

OMP 6pt Harnesses

FIA Fire Suppression System

Crystal Bling shift knob

Momo steering wheel


Haltech Platinum 1000 ECU

Autometer Water Temp


Autometer Oil Pressure

Autometer Tachometer